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Sending Mass Email




  • Gillian

    Hi Changela,

    There is a way to do this, however the platform does not have a feature specifically built to send an email to all clients at once. We've chosen not to build this in large part because this would create a significant risk of accidental HIPAA breach or accidental use.

    Note: For more information about all of the ways we work hard to keep your clients' data safe, please see this guide: SimplePractice Trust & Security.

    There are some customers who are sending bulk emails to clients outside of SimplePractice. Using the Data Export tool, you have the option to export client contact information in bulk in the vCard format (.vcf). You can find step-by-step instructions on how to do this in this walkthrough: Data export: Exporting client information. You can then arrange the data as you need into a spreadsheet and use a mail merge function. If you choose to do this, please be mindful of where and how you share information via email with clients.

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  • Andrea Scharlatt

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! We are professionals. Please give us the ability to access our data easily. I spend so much wasted time trying to get lists of emails. It is crazy. 

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  • Sharon Maffett

    I periodically communicate with my entire client list.  Please improve the export feature.  The VCF solution is not workable - my Contacts app is already full of other contacts, and importing client data into that app would create a real mess, with no way to differentiate.

    Right now I have to manually update my Excel based list of clients.

    The technology to export as CSV is quite simple, and certainly easier than the VCF solution you've already implemented.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Andrea and Sharon - We hear you. We're currently planning a secure mass emailing feature for customers to use within our platform. If you have any additional ideas on what you'd like to see included in this feature enhancement, please comment on the post from our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here:

    Although there isn't a way to generate a CSV list of contact information in your account, you can upvote and add your comments to this post for further consideration:

    I'd encourage you all to continue this conversation on our Ideas and Suggestions Board, using the links above. Since there's nothing else I can update you on at this time, I'm going to close this thread for comments. 

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