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Tracking services/products when client is an organization?




  • Gillian

    Hi Dani, I'd be happy to help. Adding the organizations as a Client in SimplePractice will allow you to invoice them and communicate with them securely. This is a great way to manage your product/service sales all within SimplePractice. 

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  • Sara Fisher Brazier

    This is very helpful and I'd love an option for school/org to be a client in simple practice. I too do consulting and PFA for schools and business when there is a trauma or crisis


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  • Gillian

    Hi Sara, thanks for sharing this context. You can add a school or organization to SimplePractice as a Client to bill them for products or services. 

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  • Jason Whitehead


    You say that SimplePractice can do all of these things Sara and Dani mention, but you don't mention how. Could you provide some instructions on how to set up an organization as a client without all of the intake/paperwork?

    Thank you

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  • Justin Lioi

    Thanks for this--I'm with Jason. I still only see the option for First & Last name, but not an Organization name. I'm also having to create a code eg 0001 Consultation in order to put in the service. As the amount changes due to time, it's getting difficult to bill. If my rate is $225/hr, but I have 1.5 hours one day and 1/2 hour another day, I have to do the math each time. Is there a better way to do this? 


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  • Nobuko Hattori

    Hi. I have the same request. 

    How do I enter an organization as a client?

    The name fields require both first and last name.

    I have been hired to give a training on a certain date. I need to submit an invoice with a date the payment is due. I would like to know how to do that.

    Thank you,


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  • Gillian

    Hi Jason, Justin, and Nobuko, SimplePractice doesn't currently have a separate client type for Organization. You can simply enter the organization's name in the first and last name fields in SimplePractice when creating a new client, and uncheck the Send Intake button when creating them. For example, if I work with North High School, I would enter the "client" first name as North and the last name as High School. Then, I can schedule appointments with the organization, bill for services and products, and invite my organizational contact to the Client Portal so they can review billing documents and pay fees.


    Justin, one way you might want to set this up is by billing by units for consultation. You can enable Unit Billing under My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services. If you typically spend at least 30 minutes consulting for this organization, you can simply enter 1 unit of consultation as 30 minutes at $112.50. Then, when you schedule consultation on the Calendar, you can enter the number of 30 minute units spent, and SimplePractice will do the math for you. 

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