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Telehealth Access Code




  • Gillian

    Happy to help, Jeffrey. The link is the same for each individual client each time. Clients can bookmark the link for quick access to their future sessions held via Telehealth.

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  • Rebekah Weymes, LCSW-C

    Can you confirm whether this has changed? I feel like I've been trying to track the codes and they are now changing? Understand for security, but it's very challenging for clients to keep track of the codes for all their meetings, sessions, etc. Wish they could keep same code, as they did in the beginning.


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  • Ayelette

    Hi Rebekah,

    I’m happy to clarify this.

    In April, we announced that all Telehealth appointments were changing to unique links in preparation for features like multiple client support. Since then, Telehealth appointment links created before and after April 29, 2020 continued to work so that you and your clients could make this transition smoothly.

    Now, more than 98% of clients are using the new unique links. With this and the release of Telehealth for Couples in mind, as of July 13, 2020, we are no longer supporting the old Telehealth appointment links.

    This means that any of your clients who have bookmarked their Telehealth appointment links may be impacted by this change. Please notify them right away that they’ll need to use the unique link provided for each appointment going forward. To access unique video appointment links, clients can click:

    • Join Video Call from their Telehealth appointment email reminder

    • Join Video in the Upcoming appointments section in their Client Portal

    If your client is reporting that they’re unable to join their appointment, it may be due to them attempting to use an invalid link. If this is the case, you can copy the unique Telehealth link from the appointment listed on their calendar and share it with their client via Secure Message or another secure communication method. It’s also important to communicate to the client that the link will expire after the end of the appointment.

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