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Is Square integrated with Simple Practice yet? My counseling practice currently used Square for credit card payments and cash payment and we would like the amounts received to be automatically entered to each client's account.




  • Gillian

    Hi Roane, I'd be happy to help. SimplePractice integrates securely with Stripe for our Online Payments platform. We do not integrate with Square and do not have plans for an integration at this time. 

    We chose Stripe to power our Online Payments feature for multiple reasons after a great deal of research. The most important criteria we had were security and pricing. Stripe is fully PCI-compliant, gives you the ability to store cards securely, and saves you time because you don't have to manually enter payments. The integration fee for Online Payments powered by Stripe is 2.95% + $0.30 for each successful transaction - and that is across the board, whether you are running the card at the time of service or if you have stored the card to charge at your leisure. 

    Many of Stripe's competitors offer a lower fee for card-in-hand transactions, but a much higher one for card-absent transactions. Our Online Payments feature powered by Stripe not only enables customers to make sure that they get paid for the services they provide, but also that they get paid quickly. We care about our customers' success, and that's why we encourage using our Online Payments feature.

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  • Sharlene Hill

    I'm trying to set up online payments for my clients but I'm getting a message that my EIN is invalid/couldn't be validated.  How do I proceed-obviously my EIN is correct?

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  • Gillian

    I'd be happy to help, Sharlene. Because this is specific to your account, a member of the SimplePractice Success team will reach out to you privately to assist.

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