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  • Elizabeth Shulman

    What kind of form? I'd be interested!

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  • Gillian

    Please do, Marsha! 

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  • Arless Rich Lewis

    Does Simple Practice have plans to create an fillable "Excuse Form" template to give clients who need excused absences from work and/or school? Perhaps something that could be generated easily by the therapist and then sent to the client's portal. 

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  • Ann Heinrich

    Yes please!

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  • Caitlyn Weeks

    This would be so helpful!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback! To clarify, the Notes and Forms Template Exchange is designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas between SimplePractice users on how customize their templates. You're welcome to use the examples posted to create your own notes, forms, or assessments; however, you can't transcribe, or share, templates between accounts through the SimplePractice platform.

    From time to time, we consider uploading a customer's template to our Template Library for all customers to access. If you'd like us to consider adding a template like the one mentioned, to excuse clients from absences, please upload a copy, or example, of one of these forms in a post so other customers can vote on it! 

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