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Separate Account for Wait List




  • Gillian

    Happy to help, Barbara. Clients cannot be transferred from one SimplePractice account to another currently. However, many SimplePractice customers simply create a client called Wait List and add waitlisted client information to the Overview page as Chart Notes. While we continue to work on our Wait List feature, this is an excellent way to keep your waitlisted client's information in SimplePractice in chronological order and in a fully HIPAA compliant manner.

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  • Kathleen Howey Murphy

    Love that idea, Gillian! It never occurred to me to try that. Yes, I vote for a waitlist feature too!

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  • Jenna Lisenby

    For those of us waiting for a "wait list" feature to occur in Simple Practice, would the company be interested in adding a "free" practitioner called "wait list" to each practice to help support managing these patients?  I could easily manage this well on a "provider" schedule, but do not want to incur the cost of the additional provider with my limited budget.  


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  • Ruth

    Hi Jenna, we're currently working on the waitlist feature, but in the meantime we  aren't offering customers the option of adding a clinician for free. If you wanted to use this alternative workflow to have clients add themselves to your waitlist from online booking, keep in mind that there isn't a list you can access for all upcoming appointments. Once a client books an appointment online with this other "waiting list" clinician, you can only see the past appointments in your Appointment Status Report. I'd recommend noting your client waitlist manually, like Gillian mentioned, by creating a Waitlist Client and adding Chart Notes instead. 

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  • Kelly Cantway

    Just wondering about the status of a wait list function.  It has been a year since this conversation started...  The suggestion of creating a "wait list client" is not ideal when you have over 100 people on your wait list.  Very hard to search for individuals.  A wait list feature is a must for this type of software.  Very disappointed it is taking so long to develop.

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