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Triwest (VA) updates Tele-Health billing proceedures




  • Gillian

    Thanks for sharing this information with our Community, Wendy.

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  • Joann ZumBrunnen

    Hi. For all you Tri West users I am wondering if anyone has been paid since the payer ID and other changes? I mailed a claim several weeks ago as SP is still not up to date on the enrollment changes. So alas I have yet to be paid and just get a little nervous after this much time has gone by. Anyway, next question...There is a new requirement starting Oct 1 that we must now list the Authorization number AND the SSN on the claim form. Does anyone know WHERE on the form these can be added? Ive read through some of the fliers/emails and they are specific on which box my NPI needs to be in my not these two new numbers. Any ideas??

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  • Wendy Belding

    Hi Joann,

    My associate Clark has reached out to you to see if these questions are still pertinent or have been resolved.

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