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Request Clearinghouse adds payor




  • Gillian

    Hi Michelle, happy to help. To reach our Insurance Specialist team directly, please email us through the ? bubble so the Success team can assist.

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  • Dr. Caroline Kristo Ph.D., LMFT


    How do we add the following to our Simple Practive Payer. It is not allowing us to add the Payor ID. 

    PGBA Claims Submission Details

    Payer ID

    Address to Submit Paper Claims to PGBA
    TriWest VA CCN Claims
    PO Box 108851
    Florence, SC 29502-8851

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  • Wendy Belding

    Hi Caroline,

    S/P is working with the clearinghouse on get his accomplished. (Hopefully in just a matter of days.). In the meantime, all VAPCCC3 claims will reject, so wait. Also, do NOT add Payer ID VACCN. That’s CCN Regions 1, 2 and 3 thru Optum. Wait for TWVACCN for CCN Regions 4, 5 and 6.

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  • Wendy Belding

    TriWest’s new Payer ID of TWVACCN is ready in SimplePractice.

    1) Go to one or more client’s overview page and click “Edit”, then “Billing and Insurance.”  [Or, in the “Insurance Info” box on the right, click on “Edit” or “VAPCCC(x)” under “Primary Insurance.”]

       a) Type in “TWV” or "CCN" under “Insurance Payer” and select “TWVACCN.” 
            (It doesn’t matter that it is titled “Region 5.”  What matters only is the
            Payer ID of TWVACCN.)  Do NOT select VACCN. 

                   i)Save this at the bottom of the page.

    2) Go to “Settings / Insurance” and click on the “Enrollments” tab.  Enroll in TWVACCN.

    3) Repeat step 1 (only) for any remaining clients.

    It may take up to nine weeks (yikes!)  Let’s hope it’s more like two!  The clearinghouse has indicated that they know this is a priority.  The sooner you start the process (even with just a single client so that you can “enroll” since at least one person is assigned to TWVACCN), the sooner you get through it.

    Should you choose to manually bill in the meantime:

    If electronic capability is not available, providers can submit claims by mail.


    TriWest VA CCN Claims
    PO BOX 108851
    FLORENCE SC  29502-8851


    Here’s the SimplePractice Guide for creating/printing CMS-1500 claims:

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  • Elizabeth Briese

    Hello! I have an email from Triwest stating:

    An EDI Trading Partner agreement is on file to submit claims in  the HIPAA 837 format to PGBA for processing.        
    DCN: 21237002000255                  

    Date of Receipt: 08/25/2021

    When I tried to bill using the TWVACCN payor I recieved an error message during claim submission stating:



    NPI 1770098972 should be enrolled before you can start submitting claims for payer id: TWVACCN. You can learn how to submit your enrollment at Please help. Thank you! 

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  • Wendy Belding

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Go to “Settings / Insurance” and click on the “Enrollments” tab.  Enroll in TWVACCN. 

    S/P will reply with a PDF file with some instructions to complete the process.

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  • Dr. Caroline Kristo Ph.D., LMFT

    Wendy, in all honesty I am thinking of swithching to TherapyNotes. I have used Simple Practice for years now and have an increasing frustration with your communication process. I just got hung up on trying to get help with TWVACCN. Your instructions are not helping much as I have tried and nothing has changed. We received a PDF completed it and have heard NOTHING, an still receiving the same error message. This is NOT GOOD!

    Are you able to have someone call me at 9098001629 since I got hung up on?

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  • Wendy Belding

    Hi Caroline, as my billing associate Clark mentioned on the phone, I don't work for S/P - I'm a therapist as well.  I hope the phone number/email addresses he gave you get you moving forward.  Best of luck!

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  • Erna C. Mills

    I submitted my completed the process to enroll into electronic payments for Triwest VA CCN and it has not been accepted as of yet. Do you know how much longer this will be? I have been sending them manually. Thank you!

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