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Auto-Populate info onto Progress Notes?





    I was looking for that as well.  

    It's a real time saver and I had it on my past EHR.

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  • Clara Rodriguez

    I agree.  I specifically would like to know if there is a way to take information from the intake form we send them when we initially set them up to auto-populate in the psychosocial note of the initial visit.  Please advise.  

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  • Judy Shofner

    Absolutely what Clara said! I struggle with what is the best way to take all the information from the intake paperwork and put it in to the first note. 

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  • Lori Roberto

    Yes, I agree that it would be very helpful for info from intake forms to autopolulate assessment or progress notes!

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  • Lucia d'Ancona

    Hello, I am in free trial and I am looking to route form data from intake to psychosocial.  Glad there are other posts of this kind. Is there any response here or mechanism for users to recommend new features and enhancements?  Please advise.

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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    @Joe I would put that in the Ideas & Suggestions section so that others can vote on it, that’s usually one important way to let SP know what’s important to us as a community.

    I seem to remember in an email or something that there was a plan to have an notes writer function of sorts and I know they are working on incorporating the Wiley Notes Planner to integrate with Wiley Tx Planners.  Maybe the note writer is something they are doing in parallel?

    In any case, this would be a great thing to be able to vote on.  I think having more of these kinds of autopopulating features would be useful, as long as they are implemented in a useful, user-friendly way (and I’m sure, therein lies the rub.... I’m sure as developers this piece gets tricky)

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  • Katie Badders

    I was in a training and they showed another EHRs progress note and I was so impressed.  I have tweaked a progress note here over the past 2 years, and theirs not only was already set up with audits in mind, it autopopulated goals and objectives, you could check off which you addressed and had an option to choose progress for each one.  I have been struggling with adding this to each note and it is so time consuming.  This option would be amazing. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your feedback! We're investigating ways to improve our Progress Note Templates, please add your comments and vote on this feature request so our Product Team can use your insight to build a better product: Macro-driven Progress Notes. If that feature request doesn't seem to address your needs, please use the search bar in our Ideas and Suggestions Board to find another that does, or post your own feature request. 

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  • Jeri Wilson

    I need insurance authorization number in the progress notes. Can that be done?

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  • David Hoffman

    I am sorry, I had it in mind that progress notes would have pre-populated treatment plan goals and objectives of somekind.    OR that we could have a new note populate with the last note so you aren't starting from scratch.    So this is not the case?

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  • Gloria D. von Oiste

    I've been very happy with Simple Practice other than the lack of an auto populate progress note option which is becoming a problem because of lack of time in current increased case load demand.  I am hoping that this will be added very soon, even if we have to pay more for it.  Thank you.  

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  • Lesa Black

    I agree with Gloria.  Simple Practice has been so dialed in with the ease of the client portal and documentation sharing.  I am currently using a different platform for my note taking and report writing.  I am hoping to stay with Simple Practice but the lack of professional looking printed reports and the lack of quick efficient progress notes may put me over the edge shortly.  

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