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Do I have to switch from a solo account to a group account?




  • Gillian

    Hi Amy, you can simply keep separate accounts, and add your supervisor to your SimplePractice account as a Team Member (if you haven't already.) Let me know if you have any additional questions about SimplePractice that I can help with. 

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  • Renate Bello


    I help a provider who was billing as a solo provider to Medicare but now her LLC has been accepted by Medicare so we have to bill with a Group NPI added. After fixing the claim, I tried to resubmit the Medicare claim back through but it said we have to add the Group NPI. How do I add another secondary NPI to her account?  What page of SP do I use to do this?  Also, she may be adding more therapists to her practice and so they too would need to bill through the LLC aka Group Practice. Thank you. Renate

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Renate,

    I appreciate you reaching out directly to our Customer Success team to help with your claims.

    For general information on filing claims with both an individual and a group NPI, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Filing claims with both your organization and individual NPI.

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  • Ria Ruane

    how do get to live chat or a phone call 

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  • Gillian

    Hi Ria, happy to help. To reach the Success team via live Chat, or via email to set up a call, click the ? bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your SimplePractice Calendar and enter your question or problem. Then, click Contact Support at the bottom of the window, and choose your preferred way to reach our team. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 

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