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COVID 19 Required Electronic signatures




  • Gillian

    Hi Teresa, we are actively collecting feedback on this on our Ideas board under Ideas and Suggestions on our Community Forum main page. 

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  • Catherine Gruener

    Where is this Gillian Wu.... Can I send an assessment to my clients over and over again that they can sign?  I need them to self-certify their health before in-person sessions and I'd like to send them a form from simple practice that they complete before each appointment.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Catherine, if your client has completed the form, you can send it again. However, you can't resend a form that your client hasn't signed and completed yet. You can always duplicate a form in Settings > Notes & Forms by clicking the + icon next to the form. This way, if your client didn't fill out the form from their last appointment, you can send them the copy. Alternatively, you can go to their SHARED WITH CLIENT box to the bottom right of their client file and click the X next to the form they haven't signed and completed so you can resend it. 

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