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Booking Widget with Wordpress and Elementor




  • Rick Morris

    I’m having same problems and I feel I’m pretty good with website development using WP and Elementor can’t get it functioning either. Any chance SP could provide some detailed instructions with images to make the widget work.

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  • Shay Caramiello

    Agreed. I paid a website developer to create my website and they haven't been able to get it to work either. This is an issue I believe needs to be addressed by SP.

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  • Gillian

    When it comes to WordPress, there are many different ways the code can be applied, which change depending on how you’re using WordPress. Since there isn’t a generic set of steps that can be applied to all WordPress sites, we recommend that you ask your website administrator or reach out to WordPress support for help.

    You can find the code to embed for your Booking Widget by going to My Account > Settings > Booking Widget. For more info about the Booking Widget, you can refer to this guide: What is the SimplePractice Booking Widget?

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  • Lindsey Baldwin

    @Gillian - This response is a bit of a 'cop-out'. Wordpress is the world's most popular CMS for web development and if there are 'many different ways' to get the widget to work... then you could outline one of them. Because right now, the widget is not working (which is not an issue with the CSS/HTML because that's just a simple button) but with the JS... SP should provide a simple-walk through rather than just try to get everyone to buy the SP's Website Builder... which is crap.

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