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Accepted claims paid




  • Valerie Bond MA LCPC

    I also received a paper check from a provider, but the claim still shows "accepted". I have received paper checks in the past and the payment was recognized by SP, so not understanding why this one is frozen in place. Anyway to indicate it has been paid?


    In addition, I have several claims that state accepted and in process, but are up to 21 days old. How do I find out what is going on?


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  • Sharon E. Prager

    I continue to have this issue-

    Are the claims supposed to be come listed as "Paid"  in the billing list when I post a check to that claim specifically? I want to be able to scroll through my billing and only see what is outstanding and not have to pick through a ton of claims 

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  • David B. Shaw

    I would check to see if you need to manually adjust the write-off amount to reflect that there is no amount due.

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  • Ginny Herman

    I am having the same issue on several claims.  I have logged the paper check payment, but the claim status still says "accepted".  Anyone have a resolution on that? Thanks! 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Sharon, Valerie, and David - It appears as though you've all been speaking to members of our Customer Success Group to identify solutions for your particular claims and SimplePractice accounts. 

    Ginny - I’ve created a help request on your behalf so that a member of our team can investigate your "Accepted" claims further. They’ll be reaching out to you with their findings over email. 

    In the future, if you have a specific question about your account, or a client file, it's best to use the question mark icon "?," to the bottom right of your screen, to submit a help request email. 

    Please let me know if you need any additional assistance. 

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