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Video Record a Session for feedback session




  • Ruth

    Hi Shawna,

    SimplePractice doesn't offer you the ability to record your Telehealth sessions. You're welcome to add this idea to our Ideas and Suggestions board for further consideration:

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  • Stephen J. Harris (TIN: 20-1069549) in CA, CO, HI, TX & WA

    Please add video recording to the program.  I am thinking about using Zoom for my video sessions since this is a crucial ability for my job.  Steve

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  • Barbara Marotto

    I need to record sessions too! 

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  • Robin E. Rolley

    Is there an option yet for videotaping telehealth sessions through Simple Practice?

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  • Karen A. Gore

    Please add an ability to record for consultation purposes. thank you.


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  • Kaylee Trottier

    I need it to supervise associates.  Thank you

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  • Kathryn Vaughn

    Yes please add recording will be using more often and thinking of leaving SP due to rise in cost and not meeting many needs such as this.

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  • Andrew Frager

    I too would find it helpful to have the option of recording sessions.

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  • Charna Cassell Inc.

    Given you charge so much for this service adding a recording feature would make sense and mean I can use it versus having to pay for zoom when recording is needed.

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  • Christine E. Kowalcky

    I also need to record sessions for peer consultation. If I have to purchase zoom for this I may change to a less expensive billing program.  Please add video recording capability.

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