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updates to Telehealth platform




  • Paula Powell

    I am also very interested in this post as well. I don't see a response from SP which if find concerning. I did not get a notice stating updates from Gillian.

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  • Ronnie Burns

    I am also interested in having the ability to offer couples telehealth sessions with couples who are in separate locations.  Sometimes, the couple prefers to work from their individual computer screen - even when they are in the same location.

    Just checking on the status.

    Thanks for your response!

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  • Ruth

    Hi All - I'm proud to announce that the release of our Enhanced Client Management for Couples enables 3-way Telehealth appointments. This means that the two members of a couple could access the same Telehealth appointment from two different locations, or devices.

    If both members of the Couple Client has email reminders enabled, they’ll each receive a link to join the call about 10 minutes prior to the start of the Telehealth appointment.

    If your clients don’t have email reminders enabled, you can also choose to manually send the link by copying it from the appointment’s Calendar Fly-out.

    You can learn more about holding Telehealth appointments in this guide: Multi-client support on Telehealth.


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  • Tarrah D. Wauson

    could this feature be used for parents of child client?

    Do i have to schedule as a couple?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Tarrah, you can also manually click on the appointment from your Calendar > Share Link > Copy Link and send it to the parent outside of SimplePractice. If you've created the parent as a Contact for the child client and enabled Secure Messaging for them, you can send the link in a Secure Message by hitting the message icon to the top right of your client's file. 

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