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How can I print multiple "Downloaded Claims" if I don't use Simple Practice for submission?




  • Ruth

    Hi Amber - Currently there isn't a way to download multiple SimplePractice claims at once. You're welcome to add this to our Ideas and Suggestions Board for future consideration. 

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  • Amber Althoff

    That link does not work. Not very happy with it taking 3 months to respond to a question and then having a broken link where I can't even suggest a change. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Amber - I'm sorry about not responding earlier, we're currently working on our response times to posts made on the Community Forum. However, the Community Forum is also a place for clinicians to share ideas on how they utilize SimplePractice to fit their workflows.

    The most direct and fastest way to get help is by submitting a Help Request. To do this from your account, click on the "?" icon to the bottom right > Get Help > Ask Question > Email. You can also click here to submit a Help Request: SimplePractice Help Request Form

    Here's the website for our Ideas and Suggestions Board, let me know if this works:

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