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Using a custom form in a chart note




  • Sigal Levy

    Hi Gillian,  I am unable to open the chart note I wrote as the note does not open when I click on it unlike other documents.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Wendy and Sigal - Please find my answers to your questions below:

    Wendy - I'd suggest going to your Notes and Forms settings, clicking on the Progress Note, or Form Template, you created and changing the Template Type to Assessment. 

    Here is a screenshot of this in my test account:

    This way, you can go to your client's Overview page, click +Create New, select Assessment and then choose the custom Assessment you created. Unlike Progress Note Templates, you don't need an appointment to add an Assessment. 

    Sigal - I'm happy to help you with your Chart Notes. The reason you can't open them is likely because you're viewing your client's Overview page in the "List View," as opposed to the "Excerpt View."  To change this, click on the two horizontal lines below the Chart Note text field and above all of the documentation added for this client.

    Here is a screenshot of this in my test account:

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  • Margie A. Moore

    I emailed about this before and you guys tried to help and I failed to send you what you needed.  I can't read my clients chart notes when I click them. You asked for a link for me to send for you. Here you go.


    I used to be able to view chart notes and now I cannot. Thanks. 


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  • Susan Robens

    I would love to have a look at your initial consult form, would you mind sharing it?  I just started and already I feel that I am getting lost.  I don't want to add them as 'clients' because they are not clients yet.  But I need to keep track of things.  thanks!

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  • Andréa Green-Soto


    I am having the same problem and am unable to read, view, or open my chart note. Please help!

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