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Scheduling practice-wide Team meetings & events




  • Katie Silver, LCSW-C

    I had the same question!!!

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  • Elizabeth Ficker

    Yes, me too. The only response I receive is the explanation on how to create the "other" appointment, which is easy to do. However, for teams, it makes sense to have this feature because it is much more efficient, especially as teams grow it helps to streamline and simplify communication around team meetings and events. 

    Hopefully, SP will see the suggestion and make a update. :-) 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Currently, there isn't a way to create team member meetings in SimplePractice. However, I've seen customers create a "Team Members," or "Team Meeting" client file and add all of their team members as Contacts of this client to create Calendar events for their staff. 

    Once you've created a "Team" client file and added each team member as a Contact, you'll want to enable reminders for them. Click Manage > Edit Appointment Reminders and check the boxes to enable reminders for each Contact listed. 

    I'd also recommend you post this idea to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, or upvote an existing post that's similar, for further consideration. Click here to access the Ideas and Suggestions Board:

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  • Josiah Miller

    Does Simple Practice plan to address this missing feature? It's a significant issue for supervisors not to be able to set aside time for group meetings without their supervisees having to create separate meetings for themselves!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Josiah, currently the best way for a Supervisee to join a session, is if the Supervisor, or Primary Clinician assigned to the Telehealth appointment manually shares the appointment link with their team member. They can click on the appointment from the Calendar > Share Link > Copy Link and send it to the other clinician via secure message, or outside of SimplePractice. We're collecting feedback on this feature request in our Ideas and Suggestions Board, please add your comments and vote on it here:

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  • Kathryn Raley

    Hello!! Where are we on the Team Meeting Feature? I'll use the work around to start. Thank you! 


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  • Samantha Silverman

    Following up to the previous questions-Simple Practice aims to be entirely comprehensive and group practice leaders are paying exorbitant amounts for the one-stop-shop features.  When will the Team Meeting Feature be rolled out?  

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  • Brent Bradley, PhD, LMFT

    I too am trying to do team video meetings as a group practice. I tire of hearing "post this suggestion to the board".

    Once again i'll have to open an account with zoom it looks like. 

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  • Será Godfrey-Kaplan

    Please make it so practice admins can schedule one meeting for all clinicians in a practice. Every time we have a training or any new all practice meeting, everyone has to add it individually or the admin has to go into everyone's schedule individually to put it into everyone's day. 

    We should just be able to go to the main schedule page and add it to the entire practice.

    Please make this work for larger practices.

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  • Courtney Putnam

    Weighing in to ask you to please add this feature for larger practices.


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