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access to customized emails sent to clients




  • Eleanor Kim

    I would love to hear the answer to this question too.  I've been searching for access and can't find it.  thank you!

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  • Linda Kaye

    how can I access client intake forms that were sent to me

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  • Carolyn Robistow

    I have the same question.  I'd also like to be able to access when I've sent a client an email with a link to an invoice or superbill.  

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  • Jade Waters-Tippo

    I found this thread with hope that the question had been answered. I would like to have access to review customized emails I have sent each client, as well. Could someone from SP please respond? If this isn’t a feature yet, is there an update with this included coming soon?

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  • Lisa Ransford

    I'm interested in the answer to this question. Please respond ASAP.

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  • Permanently deleted user



    Did anyone get an answer to this question? I am following.


    Thank you

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  • Elise Daxe

    Same question...why no answer?

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  • Elise Daxe

    Here's the answer...see last bullet point:

    Important details to know

    • If you did not include a link to the client's demographic information, intake, or practice documents when you first created them, you can simply share these documents with them at any time. Click here to learn how to share documents.
    • If your client has deleted their email with their unique PIN, you can locate this PIN by going to Client > Edit Client Profile > Communication Tab and locating the PIN under "Client Portal Access"
    • You can always disable/re-enable the portal to trigger a new email being sent to your new or existing client. This will change the PIN number the client needs to use to log in for the first time.
    • You cannot view the text of a customized email later. You can only see that the email was sent in your Account Activity History and in your Emails sent report. You can learn more about Account Activity and Reports here: Account Activity: Tracking changes and information access in your account and Reports: Analytics for your private practice.
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  • Elise Daxe

    ...sorry, bullets got lost when I sent. 

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  • Stephanie E. Meyer

    Where can we request this important feature, i.e. the ability to retrieve customized emails that were sent from the portal? 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Elise is right, at this time we don't store transcripts of customized emails sent to clients. 

    If you'd like us to consider adding this feature, you can post on or Ideas and Suggestions Board, or upvote a similar post. To access our Ideas and Suggestions Board, click here:

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread for additional comments, but please continue the conversation on our Ideas and Suggestions Board. We really appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback. 

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