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How do I share a template?



  • Ruth

    Hi Robert, 

    I can clarify this for you. You'll want to share the PDF, or Print Preview version of your Template to other SimplePractice account holders, so they can use it as a reference, to build the template for themselves. There isn't a way to upload another SimplePractice account's custom template.

    The Notes and Forms Template Exchange is designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas between SimplePractice users on how customize their templates. You're welcome to use these examples to create your own notes, forms, or assessments; however, you can't transcribe, or share, templates between accounts through the SimplePractice platform. 

    From time to time, we consider uploading a customer's template to our Template Library for all customers to access.

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  • Jessamyn Wesley Reibach

    It would be great if there was a way to share templates. I am not a fan of the assessment templates in SP, and would love to be able to access ones other folks are using, instead of spending a long time designing my own from scratch.

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  • Dr. Yvonne McGaughey

    Agree, SimplePractice could definitely be more user friendly in uploading and sharing forms

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  • Kimberly A. Mahr

    I have worked hard at creating useful templates (assessments, notes, etc) in SP.  It would sure be nice if we could share these templates with other members.  It would be great if SP offered a Member-driven forum where we could share these then upload/download!

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  • Jerzie-Ann Coppola

    I agree. It would be great if you could upload custom templates from other users. I have several colleagues in my circle and we would all benefit from the ability to share templates specific to our work. Additionally, It would be great if there were multiple columns in the template, as well as a way to hide "no answer given"- especially for progress notes. 

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  • M. Brett Debney

    I would love this too. 


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  • Alan Rutherford

    Sharing templates would be so great--it would enable colleagues to use a uniform template within an organization.

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  • Patricia Behrens

    As new laws are implemented, specifically in 2022 the GFE, it would be nice to be able to share our templates with at lease our office group colleagues. I spent hours tweaking a template and seeking various resources that I would be happy to share.  It takes a long time to create your own.


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  • Jessamy Whitsitt

    I really wish I could share templates. I hope they look at these comments as requests.

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