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Recurring Product Charge




  • Kimberley Arcara

    I have a similar question.  I am doing the same thing but charging a monthly Concierge Membership fee  and would like it to be recurring and auto-paid if possible

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  • Ruth

    Hi Gianna and Kimberly,

    Although there isn't a way to automate charging for a Product, you can enable Monthly Invoicing for your practice. If you decide to go this route, you'll want to change your rate per session to reflect how much you'd typically bill for a month's service. You could then enable Autopay for your clients and have their credit card on file get charged the night the monthly invoice is generated. 

    I'd recommend looking over our Monthly Billing Best Practices. 

    Kimberly - You could add a custom service code titled Concierge Membership, then add it as an additional recurring appointment, set to repeat every 4 weeks. Here are detailed instructions on Creating a new custom service code and Creating a recurring appointment series. 

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  • Caitlin Rochester


    Have there been any changes to this in the last 2 years? I am starting a practice that offers services similar to those described above and am curious about recurrent, automated billing.


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