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Covid Liability Form




  • Heather Dick

    Hoping someone responds with one

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  • Maryellen P. Mullin

    Here's my update:


    CAMFT - will not provide one according to M. Griffith, attorney there

    CPH - will not provide one

    I'm doing my Covid liability forms for clients/ subleasers with Doug Bend, JD,  my attorney who helped set up my S Corp in San Francisco - he's done several already and advised me that a generic one probably won't suffice, as each therapist may have a different set-up, different needs and a different building situation. He highly recommended it - if contact tracing is done and someone sues, it is relatively inexpensive for that person to NAME you/your office business, as "somewhere they went" - more expensive to for the therapist to have not had a liability form in place if that should happen. 

    Here's his info: 

    Doug Bend, JD

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  • Victoria Kwater

    I was concerned about this same thing and posted to NASW's community page and received great response.  So, NASW and APA both came out with sample consent forms.  Someone also directed me to a template on Simple Practice, but I have yet to find where it is located on the website (but I do have a copy of the template).  

    If you email me I can attach all of the documents if you're interested.

    Victoria Kwater, LMSW




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  • Kade Rucker

    The APA released a generic one recently that seems to cover all or most bases. It can be found here:

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  • Perette Halpin

    Thank you!

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  • Maryellen P. Mullin

    Update - the landlord also will require ME to sign a consent - which then is me signing off on my subleasers. I was proactive in asking her about it - and I think it is something folks may want to check in with their landlords about. 

    Our landlord is providing signage throughout the building, along with, hand sanitizer to everyone for clients. However, we have to all be responsible to be cleaning in-between clients. 

    So many logistics, hope this helps! 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Thank you so much for contributing to this post and acting as resources to one another. This is what the Community is all about! 

    I'd also encourage you all to take a look at some of our SimplePractice Blog posts that are relevant to this conversation: 

    What Coronavirus means for your Office Lease

    What You Need to Consider Before Returning to the Office (this includes a letter template to use to communicate with clients) 

    How Coronavirus Impacts Your Practice (this includes the same downloadable template) 

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  • Marissa Martorana

    Thank you Kade! That link was super helpful!

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