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Calculating Stripe transaction fees




  • Colleen Percival


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  • Elizabeth Co


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  • Marian Perry

    Agreed 3.


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  • Rene Mooney

    Is anyone going to answer this question?

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  • Migum Gweon

    Agreed - please help!  The report that we used to receive from Stripe was so helpful.  It broke down the charges and the fees.  I don't see this delineated information anywhere on SimplePractice.

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  • Shanna Alvarez

    AGREED. We can generate a great annual report for this, but not for a specific time period. Helpful to be able to do this quarterly. 

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  • Meghan O'Nyon

    I'd love to know this as well. Being able to run a quarterly report would be great, but a custom date range would be even better. I like to make sure my finances are on track every month.

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  • Kimberly McFarland

    Yes very much agreed!

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  • Roxane Thorstad

    I agree.  For our team, we need to be able to run these numbers monthly or as a custom date range.  Adding up the fees for each transaction for a group practice is not practical.  Would love to hear SP's thoughts on this.  Thank you.  


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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Although there currently isn't a SimplePractice report that includes all charges and Stripe fees incurred based on Clinician, you can generate a Card Transactions Report and the Income Received Report separately.

    Card Transactions Report, with Stripe Fees: Go to Billing > Card Transactions, adjust the date range, select Charge from the dropdown menu options for Transaction Types, then click Export. This spreadsheet will include all the Stripe fees associated with each charge. Find out more here: How to keep track of credit card payments

    Income Received by Clinician: Go to Reports > Income Received by Clinician, close out a pay period for a given date range. In the Closed Pay Periods tab, you can click on the CSV link to the right of the pay period you'd like to generate a spreadsheet for. Here's a great guide that goes into more detail: Exporting Pay Period Drill Down reports

    Thank you for your contributions to this post! I'm going to close this thread for additional comments, but we'd love to have you continue this conversation on our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here:

    Often, our feature enhancements are directly inspired by the ideas customers present on this board. I look forward to hearing from all of you there! 

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