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Starting a Telehealth session




  • Roy E. Hutton

    I have the same question

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  • Ruth

    Hi Bob and Roy,

    You're right, currently the best way to turn off video, or audio, is to start it and then click on the camera, or microphone icons in the corner of your screen to disable them. When you click on either of these icons, a red line will appear across them. 

    The reason why all Telehealth sessions require you to start off by enabling your camera and microphone is to determine that you're on a network, device, browser and operating system that can hold a Telehealth call. Being unable to connect to a camera, or microphone can indicate that you're not set up to hold a successful Telehealth session. 

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  • Lesley McCaskey

    Is there a way to turn off the self-view? I prefer not to see myself in the corner of the screen.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lesley - Yes, once you've joined the meeting you can click on the camera icon to the bottom corner of your screen to turn off your camera, but then your client won't be able to see you either.  

    If you're using Chrome, you'll be able to right click on the image of yourself, and hit the Picture in Picture option to pop it out of place. This will allow you to move the image of yourself out of sight, or out of direct sight at least.  

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  • Patricia Wilson MA LMFT

    I have been doing Telehealth sessions since March. I've used a Microsoft Surface and an HP Laptop. A couple of weeks ago when using my Surface, I could see the clients and they could see and hear me, BUT I could no longer hear them and the microphones were on. Now, the HP Laptop is having the same problem.

    Did SimplePractice blow out my speakers? Is there any way to reset the system to get the audio up and running again?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Patricia,

    To begin troubleshooting I recommend reviewing your microphone and speaker settings on your devices. Here's our Help Center guide that describes these steps: Enabling your camera and microphone access for Telehealth.

    If you continue to experience any issues after reviewing those settings, I recommend reaching out to us through the blue question mark icon on the lower right of your SimplePractice account > clicking Get Help so we can take a closer look at your setup.

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