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Scheduling Issues




  • Amy Kenney LCSW

    Same problem.  Can't figure out how to let a client select which option.

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  • Ruth

    Hi James and Amy - I'm happy to clarify this for you. 

    James - If you're the one booking the appointment on your end, then you can select what each client's default service location will be. To do this, click Edit under the client's name, scroll down and set the Location, pictured here:

    Amy - If you'd like to make multiple Office Locations available for online booking, you'll want to create Availability timeframes for each Office Location. You can create overlapping Availability timeframes for your Telehealth Office and your physical office. When your client books an appointment, they'll be given the option to select a location, then pick a service code and schedule their appointment time. It looks like my colleague Craig reached out to you yesterday about this, please let him know if you have additional questions. He'll be able to investigate your account settings and make specific recommendations accordingly. 

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  • Andrew Lipinski

    If it set up as described above, offering availability with office location and/or video location, is there a risk of double booking?  For example, if a client books an appointment for 11 am at the office, can someone else book for the same time as a video appointment?  Obviously I want to avoid double booking. 


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  • Nicole Allen

    Clients are reporting that my upcoming availability is not showing up on the portal calendar.

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