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Client Portal pin/password sequence




  • James A. Jackson, LICSW

    in a similar vain, how do I resend an email invite.  client lost access and it would be simplest to just reshare documents but the system does not seem to allow that through the "share" feature without adding a new document, which I do not need to do.

    It makes sense that I be able to control whether or not to resend (reshare) documents.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Steven and James - I can certainly clarify how the Passwordless Login works.

    Steven - You'll only want to "Generate Pin Code" if your client isn't able to login using the Passwordless Login link that's emailed to them. 

    When you send documents to clients, they'll receive an email with a link to your Client Portal. Once they click on it, they'll want to click on the "I'm an Existing Client" button, or the "Sign In" link, which will prompt them to enter the email address associated with their client file. After they enter their email, they'll get a login link emailed to them. The link will automatically sign them into their Client Portal. 

    If you'd like an existing client to access the link to your Client Portal, you can suggest they search their email inbox for any emails coming from The email will likely contain a link to the Client Portal, which will enable them to request a new login link. You can also copy your Client Portal link from Settings > Client Portal to share it with a client outside of SimplePractice. Another option would be to send them a Secure Message, which would automatically send them a notification within 15 minutes that includes a link. I'd recommend you tell clients to bookmark the link for ease of access. 

    This guide explains all you'll need to know about Passwordless Login


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