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  • Jack Gershfeld

    That would be a great feature. I am not sure if this forum is monitored for features requests. :(

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  • Pamela D. Atteberry, LICSW

    I would also like to add my photo.  Any luck on figuring out how to do this?

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  • Jessica Strauss

    Great Question! - my thought exactly!


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  • Natashia Mitchell

    Has anyone figured it out/heard any updates about this? Thank you! :)


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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Thanks for your input, but Jack is right. This is not a capability that we currently offer on the Telehealth platform; however, we'd love to hear more about this on our Ideas and Suggestions Board. Please head over to upvote a similar idea, or post an original feature request.

    I'm going to close this post for comments, but please click here to continue the conversation on our Ideas and Suggestions Board:

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