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Credit Card Updates




  • Lori K. Roberto

    Yes this makes sense!  I especially think BUG 1 is super important ASAP!  AND this should be easy. Have you posted this on the suggestions page? I'd like to vote.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Megan and Lori - Thank you for your suggestions, we're always looking for new ideas to enhance our platform. 

    Although we haven't built out the functionality for clients to designate a "Default Credit Card" on their end, we've recently enabled clinicians to do this on behalf of their clients. To change which card is designated as the default payment method, go to your clients Billing and Insurance settings, Edit Payment and use the toggle to make the card the Default card. 

    Here's a screenshot:

    Also, you can enable Autopay for all your clients at once by going to your Settings > Billing & Services, scroll down to the Autopay section, uncheck the box, then recheck it. This will enable Autopay for all clients with credit cards on file; however, it won't automatically enable it for new clients. The reason why we don't allow you to enable Autopay for all new clients that join is because it may not be something all clients agree to immediately. 

    Our Product Team often considers customers' ideas that are posted on our Ideas and Suggestions Board, so I'd highly recommend adding this feedback there. Head over to the board by clicking here:

    I'm going to close this post for comments, but I look forward to sharing this with our Product Team and hope you'll also keep the conversation going on our Ideas and Suggestions Board! 

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