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  • Rose Balyeat

    Hi! We have some of the same issues but this is what SP says about #2 on your list:


    Hi Susan, here's a little more information from our Help Center on how to use the same email address for multiple members of the family. 

    We know that clients can use the same email address in our system if the client has a Gmail email address. However, you will need to set up each client a little differently.

    Here's an example:

    • Let's say John Simple is the father of Bobby Simple and Jenny Simple. John's email address is When you enter in the email address for the first child, let's say Bobby in this case, you can enter the email address as it reads. When you enter in the email for the second child you can enter the email as You want to make sure that everything before the @ symbol remains the same, then insert: +text between the beginning of the email and the @ symbol (text = any letters or numbers).
    • Another example would be becoming for the second child, and for the third child and so on.

    You don't need to set up anything special to do this. You'll simply enter the clients alternative email address just as illustrated above in the clients account and the emails will be sent to the primary email addresses inbox.

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  • Elizabeth Calihan



    I want to second Laurie S's plea above under number 1....I have been loving SP because of its clarity, but am getting frustrated with some of the limitations and this is one.  I have a number of people whose parents I would like to send their statements to, but I cannot have the statement sent if it nowhere lists the patient's name.  This seems crazy....I do not send individual invoices for regular therapy patients and so there is no way to do anything other than hand address envelopes to the parents.  Is there a work around?

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