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Send Invoice To Patient Before Visit



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  • Ruth

    Hi Judy - I'm happy to answer these questions for you. In the future, the quickest way to get in touch with us is to create a Help Request. To do so from your account, click on the "?" icon to the bottom right > Get Help > Ask Question > Email. You can also click here to submit a Help Request: SimplePractice Help Request Form.

    1. You can always generate an invoice prior to the appointment start date, by clicking on the appointment from your Calendar and hitting the "Create Invoice" link. If you'd like your client to get a notification to pay for invoices you generate, you'll want to automate the process of sending them a link to login to the Client Portal everytime you create an invoice for them. This way, they'll be able to login and then pay for the invoice as soon as you create it. Follow these instructions on how to send billing notifications with a link to the Client Portal: Client-specific billing automations

    You can create an Invoice Past Due timetable by going to Settings > Billing and Services and setting when you'd like to make invoices past due.

    2. When you're adding your client's Insurance Information from their client file > Edit > Billing and Insurance tab, you can indicate who the Primary Insured is and enter their information. Here is a screenshot:


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