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Expired Links




  • Jan Dilley

    I am hoping for the same answer, C! 

    So far, all I see is that we can copy the link and send it to them separately.  

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  • Erin Enzweiler, LPC, RD

    I'm having this issue as well. I can't see how to correct this or why it is even happening?

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  • Danielle Fyffe

    I also am having clients report they cannot log into the client portal.

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  • Elizabeth Martin

    I'm having this problem too. When the first client emailed me about this, I thought she was clicking on a link for an old telehealth session. I know those links do expire, but this time it was a brand new client who had logged in once and completed some paperwork, but when she tried to use the link in her welcome email again, it told her the link was expired. SP, help!

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  • Mindy Slovinsky

    I am having this problem too.  New client, just added a few days ago said the link she tried today had expired.

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  • Johanna Kane

    I am having the same issue with a new client trying to complete initial paperwork.  Link is expired.

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  • Maureen Kaye

    I am having the same issue (expired link) with only a couple of clients. Most of them are able to reuse their original (dedicated) link. I'd sure like to know why some cannot.

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  • Faith Yvonne Daley

    I'm having the same issue. Why is this question going unanswered?

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  • Diana Goldstein

    I'm having the same issue, about to post an email to help, this is not helpful!

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  • Jaryn L. Warren

    I am also having this issue, as well as the other therapist in my practice. Simple practice, are there any updates on this issue/concern? 

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  • Dr. Renee Greer

    Hello.... Anyone from simple practice home. You guys on vacation? We have questions and no one is answering. Could you help us please!

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  • Courtney Bilbrey

    same problem, please help!

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  • Courtney Bilbrey

    any updates??

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  • Stephanie Winn

    having this problem too!

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  • Julie Nachman

    Same issue..... anyone there?


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  • Yvette A. Kidman, MA, LMFT

    Same issue - - need help - thank you 


    Yvette Kidman

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  • Kala Annambhotla

    Same problem---hoping Simple Practice is seeing this....



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  • Audrey Anspach

    Just had this problem happen for first time with a new client.  So frustrating it is not being addressed by SP.  

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  • Stephanie Krenzelok

    I was able to locate this on Simple Practice's chat feature. But, I facilitated what was suggested and the link still did not work. Still, I will share here if someone else benefits...



    • Go to their email inbox and click the Sign In link from the new email. The unique link in each sign in email can only be used once and automatically expires in 24 hours. 
    • If the client accidentally clicks an expired or used Sign In link, they will not be able to log into their Client Portal and will automatically be sent a new link to use via email. 
    • If the link expires again, the client will need to request a new Sign In link manually.
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  • Mary Ann St John

    This is the first time this has occurred for a new client of mine today, too. They said they replied to my email with the link to the client portal but they received a response that it would not go to me. Then when they tried to go the client portal link, it tells them the link had been used or expired.

    Please help us rectify this problem!

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  • Ayelette

    Hi everyone,

    We sincerely apologize for the time it's taken to address this post.

    Our Customer Success Group has been inundated with requests since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're currently working on how to efficiently respond to Community Forum posts during these unprecedented times. However, the quickest way for you to get in touch with us directly regarding questions with your account or your clients is by submitting a SimplePractice Help Request Form. You can also reach us on our Live Chat feature, offered Tuesday - Thursday, 7am - 6pm PT (learn more here). 

    Although we're periodically monitoring the Community Forum and plan on improving our response times to questions posed here, this is also a place for customers to exchange ideas and engage with one another on how to best use our platform. Thank you all for acting as resources for each other in the meantime. 

    Regarding our Passwordless Login feature, here is some more information:

    When a client wants to access your Client Portal, they can go to your Client Portal > click I'm an Existing Client > enter their email address > click Continue, as shown below, and they'll immediately receive an email with a one-time use link that brings them directly into the Client Portal.

    I recommend letting your clients know they can bookmark your Client Portal existing client sign in page for easy access any time.

    When you share documents with a client, they'll receive an email with a link to access the Client Portal. This link, like the link generated by the process above, brings them directly into your Client Portal without needing to log in. 

    Here are some security features to note about these links:

    1. The links expire 24 hours after they are generated.
    2. Each time a new link is requested, prior links will be deactivated.
    3. Each link is one-time use. This means that the first time a client clicks the link, they'll be brought directly into your Client Portal. If they click the same link again, they'll see a message that the link has expired.

    In the case where a link has expired, they can click Request new Sign in link, as shown below.

    They'll be taken to your sign in page with their email address already filled in, so they can simply click Continue to receive a new email with a new link.

    Because the links are one-time use, I recommend suggesting to your clients to delete the Client Portal emails they receive after using them. This can minimize confusion when new emails come in about which email and which link is the latest one.

    To learn more about the Passwordless Login feature, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: How does Passwordless Login work?

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  • Nicole McGuffin, PsyD


    My client is telling me the link to the paperwork is expired.  I can't resend because it's greyed out and says I sent it to her 7/20.  Please advise.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Nicole,

    To resend uncompleted paperwork to a client, go to the Shared with Client section on the client's profile > click the X next to any document you'd like to resend to remove it from the list. That document will now be available to send again when you click Share on the top right of the client's page.

    In addition, note that you do not need to send the paperwork again, as the client can access the Client Portal any time to view the already-shared documents. When a client wants to access your Client Portal, they can go to your Client Portal > click I'm an Existing Client > enter their email address > click Continue, and they'll immediately receive an email with a one-time use link that brings them directly into the Client Portal.

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  • Christina Anderson

    I think clients preferred passwords and links that did not expire prior to this update to the system. This new system interrupts video sessions. If they log out and "re-enter" the video session due to internet disruption (which previously would fix audio or visual glitches) they say they can not log back in unless I resend the link by copy and paste through email or text.

    If I send an email reminder 72 hours before the appointment it is expired before they attend which is annoying that I have to change my appointment reminders to 24 hours which often leads to less time for rescheduling and the purpose of the 72 hour reminder. Can the link be extended to meet the 72 hour option? 

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  • Ayelette

    Hi there, Christina,

    Links to access the Client Portal, for example when you share documents with a client, expire after 24 hours and a client can re-generate a new link to log in to the Client Portal.

    However, links to Telehealth sessions do not expire until 30 minutes past the scheduled end time of a session.

    A few notes about Telehealth session links:

    • Each appointment has a unique link. This means that if a client clicks on a link from a prior session's appointment reminder, it will not work for the current appointment. If your client has a gmail account, gmail can merge similar email appointment reminders together into one conversation thread making it difficult to see which is the latest link. I recommend advising your clients to delete past appointment reminders so that when a new email reminder comes in, it's clear which is the latest link.
    • If you are still in a session 30 minutes past the scheduled end time of that session, you will not be exited from the session. However, if you leave the session or need to re-load your browser after that 30-minute mark, the link would be expired. In this case, you can extend the appointment time on your Calendar to end at a later time, and the link will immediately re-activate until 30 minutes past the new scheduled end time of the session.
    • If a client leaves a Telehealth session for any reason prior to 30 minutes after the scheduled end time of that session, they can re-enter the same session with the same link.

    If you have a client who was not able to re-enter a session, please reach out to us by clicking the blue question mark icon on the lower right of your account > click Get Help, and we'd be happy to work with you directly on this issue.

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  • Christina Bridges

    Please reverse the security feature that now makes the links expire!!! This has become a nightmare when sending patients paperwork to fill out. Is there any way to disable this feature???

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  • Ruth

    Hi Christina - The login link expiration isn't a feature we can disable. We want to ensure your clients' data is secure, which is why we've instituted the time-out after 15-minutes of inactivity, once the link has been clicked on, or if it hasn't been used after 24 hours. Clients can always generate a new link by typing out their email address, the new login link will be emailed to them immediately. I'd recommend sharing our client facing guide on Logging into the Client Portal with your clients. We're always working on ways to improve our platform, so if you have different link expiration triggers you'd like us to consider, feel free to add them to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here: I'm going to close this thread for comments, but I look forward to hearing from you all on our Ideas and Suggestions Board. 

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