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Differentiating New Clients




  • Sylvia Vargas


    Yes I feel having a prompt of some sort; (highlighted name, different color, a symbol of our choosing, etc...) to differentiate a NEW from EXISTING client would be V E R Y  H E L P F U L!!! Please consider this option to facilitate our work.

    Thank You


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  • Gillian

    Hi Eric and Sylvia, thanks for your feedback regarding how to make SimplePractice even better. One workflow that some SimplePractice customers follow is entering a client's name in ALL CAPS prior to their first appointment, then updating their name after the intake. That's one easy way to differentiate new clients at-a-glance.

    If you have additional suggestions for how to improve SimplePractice, I'd recommend adding them to our Ideas and Suggestions board at This board is regularly reviewed by our Product team. 

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