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Differentiating New Clients




  • Sylvia Vargas


    Yes I feel having a prompt of some sort; (highlighted name, different color, a symbol of our choosing, etc...) to differentiate a NEW from EXISTING client would be V E R Y  H E L P F U L!!! Please consider this option to facilitate our work.

    Thank You


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  • Gillian

    Hi Eric and Sylvia, thanks for your feedback regarding how to make SimplePractice even better. One workflow that some SimplePractice customers follow is entering a client's name in ALL CAPS prior to their first appointment, then updating their name after the intake. That's one easy way to differentiate new clients at-a-glance.

    If you have additional suggestions for how to improve SimplePractice, I'd recommend adding them to our Ideas and Suggestions board at This board is regularly reviewed by our Product team. 

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  • Camille Shea

    Simple practice - PLEASE make the first appointment for a new client a different COLOR field.  Lots of other services can do this and so I KNOW Simple Practice can too.  Ya'll are the best at so much!  

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  • Eric Currence


    Thanks for your response. The issue with this is that if you put the client's name in ALL CAPS, which we have tried, or place asterisks by the name, which we have tried, when the client signs in to fill out their initial paperwork, in many cases they change this (as I guess it appears odd to them that their name is in caps). Client's have also deleted the asterisks. So while the scheduler might know the client is new, a clinican doesnt, at a glance, because the markers have been erased. I, like Camille, believe that adding a color or different indicator should be an easy solution for SP to update. I have worked with 2 other major EHRs and both had a color differentiation for new clients. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Eric, thank you for your suggestion. We're currently considering different ways we can color code the Calendar. If you'd think it would be helpful to distinguish first appointments in the Calendar by color, please vote and comment on this feature request: Color Code Appointment Types.

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