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Showing an insurance credit and a balance due, when the client's balance should be zero




  • Lauren Lascher

    Same question ?! How to apply a credit to a balance or an invoice?!


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  • Terence O'Gara

    I have the same question.....please help!

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  • Dr. Nanci Stafford

    please help!

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  • Susan Valentine

    Oh boy --- and every insurance company pays a different amount.  How do I adjust payments - credit from my normal fee to what insurance paid.  

    Looks like this question is popular 


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  • Jessica Siegel

    Why aren't they addressing this question. Can we resubmit?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - I apologize for not addressing this sooner; however, the best way to get help from our Customer Success Group is by submitting a SimplePractice Help Request Form. You can also reach us on our Live Chat feature, offered Tuesday - Thursday, 7am - 6pm PT (learn more here)

    To generally answer your questions, the best way to account for an incorrectly recorded insurance payment is by adding a new insurance payment that allocates the correct Client Owes amount, Insurance Owes amount and Write-Off. You can either delete the previous insurance payment altogether, or you can create a negative insurance payment for the amount previously paid, then create a new Insurance Payment for the corrected amount. This guide goes into greater detail: Adding Insurance Payments. 

    If you'd like us to investigate your particular clients, or Insurance Payments, please submit a Help Request. 

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  • Sara S. Haynes

    HI Ruth, 

    Your response to how to fix this common situation is really convoluted for what should be seamless. Why should I need to add a fake payment or a fake deduction in the insurance payments? I had an insurance decide to cover copays and sent a payment. I went in and allocated the fees according to each appointment. Then, I went into each session in the billing section and corrected what client owes and what insurance pays (and deleted all old invoices and statements, etc.) There is still an insurance 'credit' and a balance on my client's account. Should I deduct the insurance balance showing from what my client owes? Why isn't there a feature to use a credit from insurance to pay for any balance? That seems like a no brainer and easy to fix. Or why wouldn't the insurance credit be allocated to the balance owed by client? 

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  • Sally Bennett

    Hello, I'm re-opening this to see when this process will be updated. This is a very difficult process to navigate.  And it looks like it has been an ongoing issue for 2 years. For the record, this is a very frustrating accounting issue that I was hoping a tool like simple practice would be able to create a fix for that isn't convoluted. I've just lost 30 minutes of my day trying to figure this process out and it doesn't feel like it completely resolved the issue. 

    Thank you.

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  • Laura Dowling, LAPC

    I attempted to create the negative amount from a fake insurance payout like directed and it didn't work. ugh

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