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Video Link Reminders



  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    I wonder if it might be in the reminder message that you’ve formatted? Under settings, client communication and client reminders, check what you’ve put there. You might have your link listed there, instead of the macro that inserts the clients unique link for SP Telehealth

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  • Katie Woodward

    Hi Nicole, Thank you for your response! When I look at settings, and client reminders, the video email says:

    Your unique video appointment link: Join Video Appointment 

    "Join Video Appointment" is in blue, and I'm assuming it is what links them to Simple Practice. So far, I have come across two clients that are sent a link to and everyone else is directed to Simple Practice, so I'm not sure where I can edit this error. In the reminders, it appears to be defaulting to Simple Practice with the exception of some outliers. Thank you for your continued help!

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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    You’re welcome. I had a similar problem several months ago. I think I found that the difference was between my welcome email (like first session with documents) and my regular confirmation email (for current clients). I don’t know if that is the problem here or not, but it’s worth checking.

    I think regular reminder emails are under settings, client communication, client reminders. The other emails are still in main settings, so client communication, but click client portal, then there is another menu at the top once you’ve clicked client portal... it also says settings, then emails... that’s where the welcome emails are found (and maybe all the email templates are here? I dunno, but that’s what tripped me up. The multiple places to look for something).

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