Seeing clients out of state via telehealth- insurance billing questions

Hello All!


I am a speech pathologist that is proving tele-therapy as well as in person appointments. I am looking to see if anyone is seeing clients outside of their state and billing insurance . For example, if you are seeing a client in North Carolina, and you are based out of New York, and they have BCBS insurance, are you just changing it to the local branch of your state to submit it ?Do you need to be licensed in that state ( Ii am assuming so) that the client resides?. Do you necessarily need to be credentialed in that state, if you are not actually having a brick and mortar location? For some states with tele-therapy, it says you need to be licensed in each state, some states have no regulations . Just confused by the whole process. We are in the process of also getting credentialed for Medicare and Medicaid in NY - could I see and bill a client in California with Medicare if I am licensed in NY and CA. Is there a separate credentialing process ?


Just curious if anyone is doing this or can point me in the right direction. 



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