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Appointment Reminders



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  • Ruth

    Hi Natalie,

    The reason why your client received a reminder 10 minutes before their appointment is because it was a Telehealth session. 

    Once you've enabled email reminders for your client, they should receive an automated email with the link to join their Telehealth session 10 minutes before start time, in addition to whenever you set email reminders to go out for your practice (in your case: 48 hrs). 

    Here's how to enable reminders within individual client files:

    • Navigate to the client's Overview page > Edit. Scroll down and check the Email ok box and then the Send email appointment reminders box. You can do this for text reminders as well, although, text reminders won't include a link to the session. 
    • ​Click Save Client if you make changes on this page.

    You can always go to Reports > Emails Sent Report to check if an email reminder with a Telehealth session link was successfully Delivered

    Check out these guides for more information:

    I'm going to go ahead and close this post for comments, but if you'd like us to investigate a specific client, please submit a Help Request to our Customer Success Group. To do this from your account, click on the "?" icon to the bottom right > Get Help > Ask Question > Email. You can also click here to submit a Help Request: SimplePractice Help Request Form.

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