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BCBS Claim getting rejected by Simple Practice but accepted by BCBS directly




  • Melanie Wood

    I am receiving the same message and trying to locate this information too.  Following. 

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  • Allison M. Humplik

    I finally received a response from SP and it looks like I entered the client's Out of State BCBS card under the client's insurance, rather than using the state we reside and practice in (local BCBS works with their state for reimbursement). I knew this for filing direclty with BCBS, but assumed SP would adjust it. Once you correct this under the client's info, try to submit a new claim and fingers crossed this fixes it. Still waiting to see if this corrects mine.

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  • Luz Teixeira

    Great. I also have been having the same experience and getting nowhere. I will tray, Tks

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - Allison's right, Anthem requires clinicians to file claims with their local Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance payer instead of the one the client is insured by. We have a guide that goes over this in greater detail: Payers with unique claim filing rules

    Although we're periodically monitoring the Community Forum and plan on improving our response times to questions posed here, this is also a place for customers to exchange ideas and engage with one another on how to best use our platform. Thank you all for contributing to this post and acting as resources for each other in the meantime. 

    In the future, please submit a Help Request with our Customer Success Group to have them investigate your particular case. You can do this in your SimplePractice account by clicking the “?” icon to the bottom right of your screen > Get Help > Email. For your convenience, I’ve also included the direct link to our SimplePractice Help Request Form.

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