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  • Ruth

    Hi Christopher - If you have the SimplePractice mobile app, you can access the client's address from your phone and enter it into your device's GPS. To get a client's address from the mobile app, go to their client file > Details, their address will be listed under Contact Info.

    Here is a screenshot from our test account:

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  • Christopher M. Sbertoli

    Thank you for the tip. I have been using the above to manually enter the addresses on my google calendar without any other PHI. What this does for me is link to Waze and I get an automatic notification when it is time to leave for my next appointment. This is crucial to make sure I am prompt even when traffic is variable. 

    As of now we can link our SimplePractice calendars to our google calendars with only patient initials showing. This is indeed helpful.  

    However if we were to have the option to link the address and NO other information (not even initials), then the addresses and times of the appointments would be in the google calendar, and Waze would send me notifications telling me specifically when to leave to get to the next appointment on time. Sometimes traffic builds while I am with a client, and to know that I need to leave a bit early would be tremendously helpful. 

    Anyways, that is a very long way of saying Thank You for the tip, but being able to link the addresses would be ideal.



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  • Ruth

    Hi Chris - Unfortunately, client addresses are PHI, so there's no way for us to integrate that into the Google Calendar Sync functionality. However, we could consider making the address in the mobile app a clickable link, the way we have the email address and phone number. If this sounds like it could be helpful, I'd encourage you to add this to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here:

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