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WA State Intake Form Signatures




  • Ruth

    Hi Lauren, 

    We are aware of these laws in Washington state. Because of this, our team had an extended conversation with Eric Ström of Ström Consulting. He specializes in Mental Health law in Washington state. This is what he shared with us:

    Washington has some strict requirements for a very particular type of digital signature, which is different than the type that SimplePractice uses. Because of this, you can have your clients sign electronically and then print, sign and scan the form yourself to add your signature.

    If you'd like to know more about Eric Ström, you can visit his website here: Ström Consulting.

    We're currently working on a way for clients and clinicians to add electronic signatures to treatment plan that allow you to use a cursor to write-in your signature. Please use our Ideas and Suggestions Board to upvote, or comment on posts that relate to this capability:


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  • Sherri L. Miller

    I also would love to have dual signatures for paperless intake integrated into SP for those of in Washington State!

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  • Blake Thompson

    Has this been added yet? It's crucial to all of us (in WA State) that this be prioritized.

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  • Kris Lau

    Adding my voice to the request that this function be added as soon as possible.  WA requires that both clinician and clt sign the disclosure - allowing use of a cursor to write-in our signature would be helpful.

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  • Ana Mays

    +1 this feature request.

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  • De Anna Holloway

    I would also like to see this feature. 

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  • Lacie Parker

    Same here.

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  • Sara Smithson

    Can we please get an update from SimplePractice on the status of this request?

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  • Caroline Wartman

    This is a significant gap in the Simple Practice service. Please remedy ASAP. Thank you

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  • Blake Thompson

    Our group practice in WA State (Seattle Anxiety Specialists), has gotten around this issue by adding our disclosure statements to SimplePractice as "assessments" and then sending these along with all of our usual pre-appointment paperwork. This works because 1) assessments can be signed by both provider and patient and 2) because WA State recently updated their laws around electronic signatures (so that the kind of electronic signature used in SimplePractice is now considered valid).

    While it would be nice to not have to turn to the assessments feature to make dual signatures possible, at least we no longer need A) a wet signature or B) to download/upload/etc. anything... it can all be done now within SimplePractice which is a big step forward (thanks to the WA State Legislature!) 

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  • Kayla Moore

    If this could be added to the intake forms instead of assessments, all the therapists in WA would be really appreciative! Thank you!


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