Tricare updates Tele-Health billing procedures

Tricare now requires billing of Tele-Health Place-of-Service to be from where the CLINICIAN performs the service.

If you are performing a telehealth session at your office or home-office, use the "11-Office" POS with a modifier in the 1st box of "95" or "GT" (all mental health codes can be either and since TriWest also requires an 11/95 for mental health telehealth services it may be easier to use that.)

This does mean that all Telehealth claims will need to be modified real quick (pick the POS 11) because it's defaulted to an "02-Telehealth" in the claim.

An "11" will pay about 10% more than an "02."

Don't forget that modifiers can be set to populate automatically in new appointments using the "Client Default Services" at the bottom of their "Billing and Insurance" page and also can be entered into the little boxes below the service line in any added appointment.