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Client having trouble logging in with app




  • Andrea Waddell-Pratt, Ph.D.

    I have had similar problems with clients being unable to access their profiles.. Clients get the initial code but then are getting the message that they used the one-time pass code. However, it is not clear how clients are to change their password to bypass this issue.


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  • Elizabeth C. Scafidi

    Sorry to hear that.  I'm not sure if that was the problem for this patient.  It seemed like the link itself was malfunctioning.

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  • Julie N.

    How does the client set up their own account login/password??


    Client Portal Access

    Clients will create their own accounts to access your Client Portal.



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  • Emily J. Hunt

    I have had client with android phone having issues with logging into the simple practice app. They cannot log in when they download the app, but some are able to log in using the initial email. How can I resolve this issue.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, 

    It sounds like we're talking about two separate links: the Passwordless Login link, for your client to login to the Client Portal, and the unique Telehealth session link. I've addressed both, here: 

    Client Portal Passwordless Login Link

    To clarify, your client's won't have to create a new login password and username to access their Client Portal. When you first invite them to the Client Portal, a link for them to fill out your intake packet and automatically login will appear. They should bookmark this for ease of access. The next time they want to login to the Client Portal, they can use the same link, but it won't automatically log them in since it's already been used. Instead, the used link will prompt them to add their email address to generate a new login link. They can access their new link from their email inbox. 

    You can also manually send your client's your unique Client Portal URL by going to Settings > Client Portal and copying the link. Everytime your clients want to login to the Client Portal they need to enter their email address in the form field, then access the new login link from their email. 

    Currently, there isn't a client facing mobile app to login to the Client Portal. If your clients are trying to login using a password and username, either on a mobile app, or their web browser, then they're actually trying to use the clinician facing login page.

    Click here for more information on the  Passwordless Login

    Telehealth Link

    Clients can use the Telehealth by SimplePractice app to join a Telehealth session through their mobile device. This is a different app than the normal SimplePractice app, which is only for customers. 

    The link to the unique Telehealth session will be imbedded in their email appointment reminder. If they've updated their Telehealth by SimplePractice app, cleared their cache and updated their device's operating system, then clicking on the Telehealth session link from their email should open the mobile app and auto-fill the session link in the form field. 

    For more information, check out our guide on Using Telehealth on a mobile device 

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