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Setting up & integrating Quickbooks Online with Simple Practice




  • John C. Christopher

    This would be really helpful for me as well. 


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  • Keri Clark

    agreed, would be very helpful.  in the same boat.


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  • Lisa Fladager

    This would be very helpful for me also. Can SP do a video training on it?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone - You can go to Billing > Export Transactions to export as a CSV Spreadsheet or for Quickbooks. Here's more on Exporting private practice billing data to Quickbooks or Excel

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  • Hana Eichele

    Ruth, I feel like that isn't always accurate for some reason. I am not able to export invoices simply because the invoices will not put insurance payments on them and rather only include client payments. Would love to see a video training on this as Lisa said! 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Hana - The Billing > Export Transactions function doesn't record payments based on invoices generated, it also includes Insurance Payments that have been entered in SimplePractice. I think you're referring to Billing > Billing Documents. Here is a screenshot in my test account:

    I don't have Quickbooks, so I exported this to a CSV Spreadsheet, but here you can see how my downloaded payment export includes insurance payments: 

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  • Stephen Monte

    Judi M and I work together, so I'm adding some commentary.  This is thread is NOT answered with a workable solution.  Here's why: 

    • Quickbooks Online (QBO) doesn't sign a BAA, so no client information can be entered into their system
    • In addition, the SP export shown above doesn't include the date of service, which makes it very hard to match up transactions if I'm creating invoices in QBO as well. 
    • It seems to me that we'd need to download the above report to a CSV file, spend a fair amount of time de-identifying data, adding dates of services, etc. before uploading to QBO

    So ...

    1. Is the assumption that we'll only be recording gross receipts in QBO, rather than creating invoices?  
    2. Is there also an assumption that we're receiving ACH or EFT payments from insurance companies, so that the "Date Paid" column matches up with the date payments show up in our bank account?    Full disclosure: I don't have ACH set up yet, so I'm not clear on this.
    3. Is it possible for SP to provide an expert who can create a detailed training video and/or schedule a webinar to answer questions about how this proposed solution works?
    4. Alternately, can SP put someone on this project to engage in dialogue with us paying customers listed in this thread, for the purpose of updating your system to provide all the information we need, in the format we need, to export cleanly for use in QBO?

    If these questions can't get answers, paying customers may rightly decide to look for another EHR that DOES play nicely with QBO. 

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  • Alicia Smart Lic: PSY24516 NPI: 1548386436

    +1 we have this same issue. Please help!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for clarifying! In light of your comments, it maybe more useful for you to go to your Reports tab and generate an Appointment Status Report and check the box to "Include Insurance." This report is listed by date of service, it shows the Client's Responsibility as Paid if the SimplePractice invoice that corresponds to the appointment has been paid. This Insurance section, in this report as well as the Export Transactions Report, will appear paid if you've enrolled in Payment Reports (ERAs) through SimplePractice, or if you've manually entered insurance payments in SimplePractice. Although the Appointment Status Report can't be directly downloaded into Quickbooks, you can generate it as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Here's more on the Appointment Status Report.

    You can enroll in Payment Reports by going to Settings > Insurance > Enrollments, hit +Enroll under the Payment Reports column. Click here for more on Payment Reports. If you'd like to manually enter insurance payments from the paper EOB you get from the insurance payer, you'll want to go to Billing > Insurance > Add Payment. Click here for more on Insurance Payments

    I can certainly ask our Marketing Team about hosting a class, or recording a video on Income Reports in SimplePractice. Thank you for the suggestion! If you have more specific questions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team by submitting a Help Request.


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  • David Shoup

    Hi Everyone,


    I agree with Stephen M. since I don't have a BA with Quickbooks, I can not store PID in that system. It would be ideal if SimplePractice to add an option to include patient ID instead of the patient name on the billing report.  

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  • Ruth

    Hi David, please upvote and comment on this idea to include Client IDs in reports:

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  • Dr. G Arthurs, DNP, FNP-BC

    Can I transfer patients seen and listed in Simple Practice daily information onto a spread sheet?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Dr. Arthurs, you can download our Appointment Status Report if you'd like. There is a CSV and Excel button at the top right of the page, you can click either to download the spreadsheet. Here's more on the Appointment Status Report!

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