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Payout schedule




  • Allison Kidd

    I also suddenly don't have an option to change the payout schedule nor is it listed. It was there a week ago. Can this be resolved?

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  • Paige Legasey

    I'm having the same issue!

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  • Victoria Siegel

    I'm having the same issue as well. I haven't received my payouts and payout options section isn't showing when it previously was.

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  • Lynn Gresham

    Same here

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  • Allison Kidd

    I contacted customer support & they had to verify me by having a copy of my drivers license or passport. I initially thought that was odd but they explained their precautions. After uploading those, I then had access to everything under billing again. Hope this helps!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone,

    Allison is right, it's likely you're unable to change your Payout Schedule, or have experienced delayed payouts because your account is under review.

    We’re currently developing new ways to expedite and streamline this process, while still ensuring your payments are getting securely delivered. In the meantime, our Compliance Group is working hard to manually review flagged accounts.

    If you find that your payouts haven’t resumed after the estimated timeframe, please reach out to us directly by submitting a Help Request. You can do this in your SimplePractice account by clicking the “?” icon to the bottom right of your screen > Get Help > Email. For your convenience, I’ve also included the direct link to our SimplePractice Help Request Form.

    Thank you all for making the Community Forum a place of information exchange and conversation. I'm going to close this thread for additional comments, but please submit a Help Request if you'd like us to look into your account specifically. 

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