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Sharing notes with supervisor




  • Gillian

    Hi Tiffany, I'd be happy to help. Currently, SimplePractice allows you to add your Supervisor as a Team Member, which allows them to review and sign off on your notes. There is not a way to redact client names from the notes that your supervisor will review.

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  • Sarah Sjolund

    What if the supervisor already has their own simple practice account outside of my practice/account?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Sarah,

    I'm happy to clarify this.

    A supervisor will only be able to review notes within the account where the notes were created. If the supervisor has a separate SimplePractice account, there is not a way for you to send the notes from your account to their account for review.

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  • Julie A. Gigante

    My supervisor is not showing in my account (and when my notes are to be signed). Did he forget to check a box, or did I?

    Is there a way to resend him an invite?


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