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switching template for client list with minors




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    Hi Meenakshi, 


    I responded to you in an email response but I wanted to let you know here as well.

    For minor clients, I recommend completing the Switching template without including the parent or contact’s email address. We recommend that you only include the email address for the client in the template if it's unique to that minor client (for example, a teenager with an email address independent of their parent).

    After we’ve completed importing your Switching Template, you'll need to add parents or guardians as contacts for the minor clients’ profiles manually. Then you can send a document request to these clients and their contacts individually.

    This will allow you to select separate sets of documents to send to the minor client and their contact, and will ensure that the correct person’s name appears when using the e-signature option on consent documents.

    This guide will assist you in adding contacts to a minor client’s profile and sending the intake once the import has been completed: Enhanced Client Management for Minors.


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  • Meenakshi Bhargava



    Thx for your prompt response.  One additional info below, which makes it not possible to implement what you are suggesting.

    The parent is also my patient with parent and minor (few years old) having same email ID. So if I remove email ID of the parent from CSV file, then how does that parent access their own Client portal?
    I have several hundred patients (as parents) and their small children are also my patients with one common email id for whole family.  We need a solution that works for this situation. 
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  • Gillian

    Hi Meenakshi, we'd be happy to help. It looks like you and Claire have a private email thread about your import - I'm going to close this Forum post for comments to make sure we're all on the same page, and to ensure you get the quickest assistance from our team. Keep an eye on your email for additional help with your export. 

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