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  • Gillian

    Happy to help, Leslie. If you and your supervisor would like to bill insurance, we'd recommend separate SimplePractice accounts, unless you and your supervisor are both paneled under the same Type 2 NPI. If you are a self-pay practice, you can add your supervisor to SimplePractice as a Clinician Team Member and grant them the Supervisor role. Here's a Help Center guide that goes into more depth regarding whether a group SimplePractice account is right for you and your practice:

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  • Leslie Brim MA LMHC

    Gillian, thank you for your quick reply.  My supervisor and I are both cash only  --no insurance.  I did read that article before reaching out. 

    What we want to do is have our own separate businesses but be on ONE simple practice account.  I have read about the challenges of the supervisors having to sign in to each supervisees accounts separately and logging in and out.  I would like to make this easier for her.  


    thank you gillian.

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  • Gillian

    Hi Leslie, thanks for the additional context. Because SimplePractice allows for one bank account to be linked to each SimplePractice instance, you would have to disburse funds from that bank account to pay yourself and your supervisor. In most cases, when your practice isn't set up as a shared business, it's best to keep your accounts separate. That will also make it much easier when you're no longer under supervision and need an account that's wholly separate from your supervisor's. 

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