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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    I don’t think that’s one that’s in the library. We are not able to share assessments or templates as practitioners to ensure test security and copyright restrictions.

    Also, unfortunately, when you create a template, you cannot copy and paste all the answer options. I wish we could.

    The way I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible, if all the answers are the same on an assessment, it to make shortcuts or hotkeys out of each answer... set up several questions and answer banks and then use the shortcuts to enter in the answers more quickly (shortcut is usually a short abbreviation of the longer sentence or phrase. So I’ll do for a likert scale i might do a1 strongly disagree, a2 somewhat disagree a3 neither agree nor disagree, etc.

    But, man, it would be easier to be able to duplicate a question and a set of answers.

    You can add that in the suggestions section. :) I’ll vote for it.

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  • Kimberly A. Mahr

    I took the time, line by line for all 218 questions, to re-create this template in SP. Ugh. I would LOVE the ability to share with you.... but alas, SP doesn't support this.

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  • Heather Schumer

    Kimberly, I'm curious - did you make the answer choices radio buttons, drop down, or something else? I have mine as dropdown for each question but it's so much page space and it makes it difficult for clients to do on their phone or tablet if they don't have access to a computer.

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  • Kimberly A. Mahr

    Heather, I used the DROPDOWN format. I tried several formats and this worked the best, although it was quite laborious for me....

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