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Agenda Emails




  • Gillian

    Hi Samantha, Daily Agenda emails show all Calendar events in your practice if you are the Account Owner or an Administrative Team Member for the practice. While there hasn't been an update to this recently, you can turn off the Daily Agenda email under My Account > Settings > Notifications if you'd prefer not to receive them. 

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  • Samantha Ardoin

    I'm not the account owner or an admin team member -- how do I change this setting, if it's been changed somehow? 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Samantha - It looks like my colleague Alexa emailed you yesterday evening. She identified that your SimplePractice roles included that of "Scheduler," which is why you're receiving updates in your Daily Agenda and Evening Summary Emails that aren't limited to your case load. Please have your Account Owner change your permissions by going to Settings > Team Members > clicking on your name and unchecking the box for "Scheduler." 

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  • Sharon Davis

    Will clinicians be able to schedule their appointments even if the "scheduler" checkbox is not checked? I did this for that reason and noticed that my clinicians are having the same issues with receiving the full agenda. 

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