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HRA Payment




  • Ruth

    Hi Justina - If these payments were made to cover the client's copayment amounts, I'd recommend adding a Check payment for the client and noting that the payment was from the HRA in the Check # form field. You can go to the client's file, find the ADD PAYMENT box to the right, select Check Payment from the payment type drop down menu and add the payment. If you're calculating the HRA payments as Insurance Payments, you'll want to click the Add Insurance Payment button in the ADD PAYMENTS box and then search by clients name, session dates and enter the payments accordingly. Here's more on Add Insurance Payments: 


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  • Mark Harris

    Hi Ruth, 

    How do we record the check from the HRA if the client has already paid their portion? In other words, how do we assign the payment to the date of service?


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  • Gillian

    Hi Mark, to record a payment from an HRA or similar, visit Billing > Insurance > Add Payment. You should be able to allocate the payment to the date of service when entering the insurance payment. Let us know if you'd like further assistance with this!

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